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About the Artist

As a Pyrography Artist, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art. 


I love working with the lines and textures of the wood.   I love bringing my sketches and drawing to life with the heat of my woodburning tool.  When I woodburn, it slows me down into a tranquil state.  I become completely involved in the process of creating.  

Hello, I am Heather Martin, mother of 2 amazing young boys, 1 mischievous cat and wife to my supportive life long companion and husband, Mike. 

Along with running my busy household, and balancing between numerous interests and pursuits, I have dedicated my time to learning, mastering and now teaching woodburning.   


When I started, I was simply trying to create woodburned gifts and boards for my friends and family.  I fell in love instantly and after receiving tons of encouragement, I eventually left my full time career in management to pursue my love for art and creation.


I now have been woodburning for almost a decade, but I have been an artist and creator my entire life!  I enjoy studying my subject, looking at how the light source changes the dynamics of the shape and thinking about how each subject occupies space differently.  I especially love creating pieces or installations that appeal to the senses(sight, sound, touch and smell).  I'm drawn to process of creating and how this can be both therapeutic and consuming.  Every creation, projects with the kids, playing with pine cones in the yard, building a shed with my father, they all give me a childlike joy and sense of accomplishment.  It makes me proud that "I just made something!" I Studied Art and Art History at University of Toronto and Sheridan Institute, where strangely enough, my primary focus was on Sculpture.  There is an amazing and unexpected connection between the depth and contrast I can create woodburning that feels, to me, very similar to carving and building a sculptural shape. 

I pull most of my inspiration from nature.  I'm drawn to the outdoors and feel grounded by my experiences in nature.  I love hiking and getting to know the trees along the path.  As I walk, I look at the ways the branches grow from the tree trunk, the way the leaves and smaller branches dance together in space and consider how every tree, every piece of wood is unique.  

I take genuine care in creating artistic pieces that I fall in love with and hope that you will too. 

You may see me along the trails or sitting quietly sketching in Elora and Fergus, Ontario on a beautiful day.  Please stop and say hello!

Still have Questions?

Do you have questions about my work and what I do?

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Are you interested in collaborations or a specific project you would like to propose? 

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Do you want to know more about my class offerings and team building workshops? 

Please do not hesitate to reach out!!

Fergus, ON, Canada

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