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Frequently Asked Questions

Care and Finishes

Are your cutting boards and spoons food safe?

All our cutting boards, charcuterie boards and spoons are food safe.  Sealed with a food safe finish that will help preserve the hand burned design on the wood.  Finishes include board cream(beeswax and mineral oil) and/or foodsafe shallac.

How can I care for my food safe board?

To help preserve the design on your food safe board I recommend to only handwash your piece, never put it in the dishwasher and do not leave submerged in water.  After washing, dry immediately.  Do not leave your board in direct sunlight.  Occasionally reseal your board with food safe board cream or mineral oil.  We recommend a local board cream from B Candle Co. located in Rockwood, Ontario. You can purchase this board cream directly from FireWork Designs. 

Will cutting on my woodburned design ruin it?

We recommend that you avoid cutting directly on the hand burned design.  Often clients will display the woodburned side and use the other side for cutting.  Another option is to use the board as a charcuterie board and avoid cutting altogether.

How do I deal with wear and tear on my cutting board?

Its important to reseal your board when the wood looks dry with a food safe board cream.  If you require refinishing please contact me directly for pricing.

How are your portraits sealed/protected?

Portraits, artwork and ornaments are sealed with a crystal clear non-yellowing UV resistant satin finish.  Woodburning may fade in direct sunlight.     

Do your portraits come with hardware or a stand?  What options do I have?

All artwork comes with appropriate mounting options based on the weight of the artwork.  If you do not want your artwork to come with hardware please let me know at the time of order.

How do you wrap your finished pieces? Is there gift wrapping available?

All our ordered pieces are wrapped and presentable as a gift in unique recycled cardboard wrapping.  If you have requirements or special instructions for gifts/wrapping please let me know prior to delivery/shipping

Custom Orders

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, but I am currently trying to build stock for upcoming markets and new arrivals in local stores. 

Custom work will reopen occasionally throughout the year, but with enough notice I may be able to squeeze your project in.

Do you offer laser engraving?

No, all woodburned work is completed by hand using various woodburning techniques. 

How do I purchase a custom piece?

Custom work under $200 must be purchased upon completion.

Custom work over $200 will require a 50% deposit and full payment upon completion.

Payment can be made by invoice through Square payments, by e-transfer at or cash.

Can I customize my online purchase?

Unfortunately, work that is previously sealed cannot be burned on again.

Please consider custom options for your purchase.

What do I need for a pet or human portrait?

The photo matters!  High resolution photos with great lighting and lots of detail make a huge difference. 

If you are unsure what photo would be best to choose please feel free to reach out and I will help you choose.

How long does it take to create a custom design?

Custom work is created on a first come first serve basis, during quiet times.  Turn around time is usually about two weeks based on size of the project.  Please note that my commitment means something! If I say I will create it before your deadline, I will! 

The more notice you can give me the better!!  if you are considering ordering a custom piece, giving more time to balance and juggle my time may mean I will take your project on!!  Last minute requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

Can you help me decides what to put on my custom piece?

You're in luck!  I love working with you to come up with interesting ideas and proposals.  I will ask you questions about the recipient, occasion and more to narrow down some ideas and then present you with some final drafts to help you choose.  

How does your pricing work?

My pricing is based on the approximate time to complete the artwork as well as the material costs. 

If you know approximately how much you are looking to spend I can help you choose the right board or wooden item to match your needs. 

I try to keep my pricing fair and consistent.


All payments must be completed after the work is done. 

If an order is over $200 I will ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit. 

What are my board options?

I always have a large number of boards and wood items on hand.  I also can source specific pieces based on your needs.  Send me a message with the look you are after and I will send you options and pricing based on your needs.

Do I have to choose your boards or can I supply my own?

Although I prefer to work on my own board options, I can and will work on your boards too!!  That being said, all wooden items that I work on cannot be previously treated.

Where do your boards come from?

I have various local suppliers that I locate and source materials from. 

I love working with local vendors and sourcing materials as locally as possible when I can.


Are you local and want to become a supplier? Feel free to reach out!


Do you also make custom woodworking projects?

I prefer to spend my time doing what I love most, which is woodburning, sketching and teaching.

If you are looking for a custom woodworking project feel free to reach out and I may be able to have your item made for you! I know professionals across many industries and love collaborating to make your custom piece come true.

*Please note due to the artist nature of my process, flaws or imperfections in the burning or wooden material might be prevalent.


How many people are in your workshops/classes?

Class sizes range anywhere from 4 to 20 people depending on the style of class you choose.  Learn to burn classes, Intermediate classes and by the hour classes are limited to 4 people so that we have more one on one time. 

Learn to burn Workshops and Make a Project Workshops are designed for a larger groups and can accommodate larger group sizes.

If you have an idea for a class/workshop or would like to host an event at your location, don't hesitate to contact me.

Where are your classes located?

There are several options for booking including artists home, your home,and Local Pieces Gallery for classes up to 4 participants.  Workshops may be hosted at Wellington County Museum and Archives, Elora Centre for the Arts or your place of business.

How old do you have to be to participate in your classes or workshops?

I offer hands on classes/workshops for participants over 15 years old.  Please note that any participant under the age of 18 will require direct supervision from a guardian.

Can I still take your class with an underlying health concern?

If you have or suspect wood allergies, smoke allergies, breathing problems or asthma please consult a doctor before booking a class/workshop.  Increased PPE may be enough to continue with a class, please discuss masks and ventilation options prior to your session.

Can I bring my own woodburner or board to burn on?

Yes, you may bring your own woodburner or wooden board for classes.  All wooden surfaces must be approved prior to the class.  Please discuss with me prior to your class.


Workshops will require you to use equipment supplied due to the size of the group.

What supplies do I need to bring to your class?

I supply all the required materials including templates, graphite paper, burning systems, sandpapers and more. 

If you require gloves or a mask, due to the personal nature of these supplies, these materials will not be supplied. 

Take a look at this article from New York times The Best Respirator Mask for Smoke and Dust to help you decide which mask to choose for yourself.

Disposable masks (3m 8210) will be available for purchase during classes.  They are $5 each cash. 


How do I book a class/workshop?

Please contact me directly for booking or book a session at Local Pieces Gallery.  Classes must be paid in full at the time of booking and workshops require a 50% deposit upon booking 

Click here for Payment options.

What is your cancellation policy on classes/workshops?

Stuff happens, we understand!

Classes: Please provide at least 24 hours for class cancellation and we will re-book your session or offer you a full refund.


Workshops require a non refundable 50% deposit upon booking.

Full refunds will be provided with at least 1 month notice on classes/workshops.

Do you sell woodburning equipment?

I do not currently offer woodburning equipment for purchase.  Woodburning equipement is available at Lee Valley Tools, Michaels and other nearby stores.

Health and Safety

Are all wood surfaces safe to burn on?

No, its important that you do your research before woodburning on a surface.  It is never okay to woodburn on a previously sealed surface, many plywoods contain chemicals and sometimes wood from hardwood stores are previously sealed.


Some of my favorite woods to burn on include Birch, Poplar, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Basswood planks or rounds, and Birch plywood (for shallow burns only)


Darker harder woods like Walnut, Cherry and Maple are sometimes difficult to burn on and tend to be a bit pricey.  These woods lend themselves to high contrast low detail burning.  They make great charcuterie and cutting boards.


Although Pine or Oak are safe to burn on,safe, due to the prevalent wood grain its not my first recommendation.

Use extreme caution using Pallet wood.  Its impossible to know where it has been.

If you are burning on Cedar wood, be sure to use extra precautions including a well ventilated area, masks and fans blowing smoke away.  Cedar contains Thujone which is toxic to the human body in large amounts.  


Do I need to wear a mask while woodburning?

It is always recommended to woodburn using a mask, a fan and a well ventilated area. 

Take a look at this article from New York times The Best Respirator Mask for Smoke and Dust to help you decide which mask to choose.  I personally use a RZ mask while woodburning with a fan that has a build in carbon filter that vents outdoors or I burn right outside.  Always avoid getting smoke directly in your face and eyes.


What are my payment options?

I accept all major forms of payment directly on this website, invoicing and market purchases through Square payments, as well as cash and e-transfer at


Birthdays/Workshops require 50% deposit with final payment on the date of the event.

Custom work over $200 requires a 50% deposit with final payment once work is completed.

Custom work under $200 requires full payment once artwork is completed.

What is your return policy?

Online purchase: Returns will be provided before 30 days of purchase.  An extended return policy for the holidays will allow for 30 days from Christmas Day for a full refund. 


All customized work is final sale.

shipping charges are non refundable

Custom work:  All custom work is final sale.  A full refund or exchange will be provided for damaged goods up to 30 days from purchase.


Classes: Please provide at least 24 hours for class cancellation and we will re-book your session or offer you a full refund.


Workshops/Birthdays: require a non refundable 50% deposit upon booking.

Full refunds will be provided with at least 1 month notice on classes/workshops.


Shipping:  Shipping charges are non refundable.

How does shipping work?

Free local deliveries in Fergus, Elora and surrounding areas.

$10 deliveries in Waterloo, Brampton, Mississauga, Orangeville, Georgetown, Cambridge, Milton.

$20 flat rate shipping across Canada.  


If you are unsure if your area qualifies for delivery please contact me.

Shipping charges are not refundable.

Who is liable for damages or injury?

FireWork Designs removes all liability from damages or injury.  Every participant is asked to complete a liability waiver before participating in a class/workshop.  If the participant is under 18 years old, a Parental Guardian will be asked to sign the waiver as well.  

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