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Growth and movement

Growth and movement

Through the meditative process of creating this piece my focus was on the flow of lines and natural movement of growth and new growth.


Thinking about a lotus and it's journey to the surface of the water and working through all the muck and dirt before shining at the surface of the water.


Creating each leaf with a continuous movement across the wood without lifting my tip off the wood surface.


With woodburning, the longer you linger the darker the line to indicate slower growth. Many of my marking casting intentional overburned marks on the wood.


The Natural beauty of the surface of the wood shines in this artistic expression.


This piece signifies a change in my direction as an artist.


This Artwork although food safe has a natural twist in the wood and lends itself well to a wall hanging.


Please note this piece can be adapted to your intended use as a hanging or left to be displayed on a shelf.  Options of adding an eye hook or drilled whole for display.


5 3/4 x 13 1/2 inch

Twisted cherry

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