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Harriette, Elora trail

Harriette, Elora trail

11 x 15 x 3/4 inch


This was the beginning of something.

This is a tree I named Harriette, as I sat drawing this tree for hours studying the light on the branches and thinking about how every single tree is different with unique character. It felt natural to name her. I will never forget the experience drawing and rendering this tree or any I suspect. And I will recognize her as I walk similar to meeting an old friend.

Coordinates 43.7205888, -80.3734918 , burned into Acacia Wood. Check it out on Google maps.

While drawing this tree on the Cataract Trailway, the tiniest baby squarrel frantically ran from somewhere in the snow across empty snowdrifts and then finally up a tree. It seemed like it took forever as he bobbed up and down deep into the snow, disappearing occasionally in the depths. Leaping however he could to get there. I almost feel relief for this tiniest creature when he finally made it to his destination, only to do it all again.

Passersby were friendly but only a few looked to see what I was doing. One actually stated, oh that's beautiful. Which of course overjoyed me! Another avoided eye contact as they rushed by with their dog.

All of a sudden I smelled a faint scent of skunk and I wondered, did the skunk notice me there? Nothing came of it.

All the time, as I felt colder and colder sketching in the snow, the birds, as it seemed were excited by my presence. Flying noisily above my head

This was amazing and my first experience sketching on the trails of Fergus since we moved here just a few years ago. Have I been locked in my house this whole time.

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